Fabrics are stabilized by adding powder binders that can be heat-activated either before or during preforming. These binders enable the consolidation of fabric stacks and the fashioning of stable preforms that improve handling but also prevent deformation when the resin is injected into the mold. It is important that the binder is compatible with the resin and does not diminish the fabric's permeability.


Preforming Illustration V5



Effect of Hexion Preform Binders on Fiber Deformation 



Preform Fiber Image A Preform Fiber Image B Preform Fiber Image C

a) No binder. Large deformation of fibers at injection port.

b) EPIKOTE™ 05390. Little fiber movement at injection port.

c) Cureable epoxy compatible binder - EPIKOTE™ TRAC 06720. Little / no movement at injection port.