Premier Resins for Automotive, Wind Energy, Aerospace and Rail Composite Manufacturing
Hexion is at the forefront of advanced epoxy and phenolic composite technologies. Taking our cues from customers, we focus R&D on meeting the real life challenges you face every day, in the field. Our products can help enable you to produce lighter weight, stronger, longer-lasting, better performing, and safer composite materials.
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By accelerating production of lightweight, high performing under-the-hood, structural and exterior composites, Hexion technology is helping Automotive parts manufacturers get ahead.
Wind Energy
Hexion's strong, super-light resin technologies for reliable processing and excellent laminate quality may be an excellent candidate for Wind Blade manufacturers.
Lightweight, heat resistant technologies from Hexion are improving safety and fuel efficiency in the skies.
Hexion resin products can meet the most stringent Rail fire resistance standards without fire retardant fillers or protective coatings.