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 Epoxy Coatings
 Epoxy Automotive Composite
 Engineering Thermosets
 Formaldehyde & Derivatives
 Phenolic Resins
 Versatic Derivatives


A History of Collaboration Driving Innovation

We never innovate alone.


Each Hexion advance that has improved vehicle performance, reduced weight or created more environmentally-friendly vehicles and manufacturing processes has been developed alongside the engineers, chemists and production professionals at the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. 


We help you drive competitive advantages, today and into the future.  


We Understand Automotive, from the Inside Out

Or the outside in.


Our resins and advanced materials are used in the powertrain and underhood, in lighting, on body coating and in suspensions to make vehicles safer, lighter, more durable and easier to manufacture. OEM professionals and suppliers work closely with our own engineers and scientists to develop thermoset molding compounds, phenolic resins and epoxy resins that solve complex challenges and drive innovation in design and manufacture.


We’re more than a supplier. We’ve been a trusted industry partner for more than half a century, helping boost efficiency, eliminate waste and meet the demands of today’s high-performance vehicles.


Industry-Leading Products and Applications that Solve Complex Challenges

Hexion’s engineers and scientists are constantly researching new and better applications to help our automotive partners improve their vehicles and manufacturing processes. Our team works closely with industry professionals on a daily basis to find solutions that address unique needs.



  • Epoxy Composites 
    Hexion offers a broad range of epoxy resins, curing agents and additives for high-performing, lightweight automotive composites. Contact our technicians for help in selecting the materials best-suited to enhancing your application from this comprehensive product portfolio.


  • Engineering Thermosets 
    Hexion’s thermosetting molding compounds are utilized when there must be a combination of good electrical insulating properties and high heat resistance, rigidity, surface hardness, high elastic modulus and good solvent resistance. Ask our expert team to help you find the right compound that delivers an optimal solution.


  • Phenolic Resins 
    Phenolic resins are traditionally used as binders for friction materials in motor vehicle applications. New products are continuously developed in cooperation with our customers to meet their individual end product, process and cost requirements. Find out more by contacting our science and engineering team today.


  • Powder Coating Resins 
    Hexion’s wide range of thermosetting resins for powder coatings are perfectly suited to automotive applications. Our products are formulated to improve environmental impacts and allow customers to achieve industry recognition from organizations such as Qualicoat and Aital. Find out more about our custom applications by contacting our coating experts.


  • Versatic Derivatives 
    Hexion is the number one global supplier of VersaticTM acids and derivatives for the paint, coatings and adhesives market. Versatic derivatives are excellent building blocks and monomers for developing high solids and water-based resins. They facilitate the trend towards more environmentally-suitable paints and coatings. Ask our experts to help you identify the best ways to optimize durability, strength and reduce environmental impacts using Versatic Derivatives.


  • Cardura™ Glycidyl Esters 
    These essential building blocks improve the flow and leveling of automotive coatings, making the production of superior clear coat finishes possible. For more information, contact our coating experts.