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Textile Nonwoven Landing Image

A Legacy of Innovation

textile feature image Forming continuous glass fibers into residential and industrial air filters is easier with Hexion's resin bonding platform specially adapted to meet the stringent viscosity, drying and curing demands of this application.

Textile & Nonwoven

 Amino Resins
 Epoxy Fibers & Textiles
 Formaldehyde & Derivatives

Strength in Fibers

Fibers are an integral part of our vehicles and homes, apparel and household goods. Hexion supplies the materials necessary for our industry partners to make the filtration systems, insulation, fabrics, moldings and felts that quiet our world, carry a load, protect our skin and reduce vibration.


Hexion’s large variety of safe and effective adhesive, resin and wax formulations allow textiles and nonwoven materials to be manufactured at the highest level of quality. We supply materials that can provide color fastness, strength, durability, water and abrasion resistance, superior adhesion, softness, lubricity, rigidity or moldability, depending on customers’ needs.


We constantly evaluate processes, inspect results and suggest new approaches to your toughest problems, such as: 

  • Anti-dust, anti-foam and release agent combinations that solve processing problems
  • New waterborne resin technology that enhances epoxy suitability for nonwoven binders, fiber finishes, and chemical-resistant textiles and adhesion promoters for industrial fabrics