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  • Unmatched Phenolic Resin Application Expertise

    Hexion’s Bakelite® family of phenolic resins are proven in a broad range of applications and are the industry-standard in areas as diverse as refractories and composite parts for rail interiors. With over 100 years of formulation expertise, we can also optimize our resin products to fit your specific application requirements and take your process to the next level. 

      Bakelite Phenolic Resin Applications 3
  • Bakelite® Phenolic Resins for Refractories

     Hexion is a long-time leader in thermoset resin technology for the refractory industry. Our Bakelite® portfolio of high-strength, lower VOC phenolic resin products can be used in the production of highly durable shaped and unshaped products as well as for impregnation.

    Bakelite® phenolic resins for refractories are offered as resoles or novolacs, in liquid and powder forms. They can be used in a variety of refractory production processes: cold and warm mixing, hydraulic and isostatic pressing, casting and impregnation. Special formulations are available where reduced odor is required. 


    Flow Control Components (Nozzles, Shrouds, Stoppers)Dolomite BricksMagnesium-Carbon BricksOther Refractory BricksSlide GatesTundishTaphole ClayRamming MixLiquidPowder Increased CompressibilityReduced Moisture PickupReduced Metal Penetration (increased density/reduced porosity)Improved FormabilityIncreased LongevityImproved Green StrengthFlexible Processing in Various FormulationsReduced Odor
              Bakelite® PRP-310        
              Bakelite® PF8495FL        
              Bakelite® PF0235DP        
              Bakelite® PF8593FL01        
              Bakelite® PF7536FL        


    Additional products are available for this application. Please contact Customer Service for information.