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  • Unsurpassed-Epoxy-Resin-Application-Expertise 

    Unsurpassed Epoxy Resin Application Expertise

    Hexion’s epoxy products play an integral and important role across a wide variety of applications from coatings and electrical laminates to composites and adhesives. With over 50 years of formulation expertise, we can also optimize our resin and curing agent formulations to fit your specific application requirements and take your process to the next level. 


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  • Epoxy Systems for Fibers and Textiles

    Hexion has decades of experience providing waterborne epoxy resins to improve the processing and performance of traditional fiber applications. Our EPI-REZ™ epoxy resins are used as film formers to develop tailored, high-performance sizing formulations for glass, carbon, basalt and other reinforcing fibers, resulting in structural composites with optimal properties. EPI-REZ epoxy resins are also effective as adhesion promoters, particularly for PET and aramid fibers, to improve the performance of tires and mechanical rubber goods (e.g., hoses, serpentine belts and conveyer belts). In addition, EPI-REZ epoxy resins can be combined with appropriate curing agents to formulate water-based treatments and binder systems for textiles and nonwovens, bringing the high performance of cured epoxy systems to these fiber applications.


    We offer waterborne epoxy products for the following fiber and textile applications with the following functions and benefits:

    • Fiber Sizing—film formers to help protect and strengthen glass, carbon and other fibers during manufacture and handling, enhance fiber bundle integrity, and facilitate wetting during composite fabrication to give improved composite performance; used in the manufacture of continuous fibers for reinforcement of thermoset matrix systems and chopped fibers for reinforcement of thermoplastic matrix systems
    • Fiber Adhesive Treatments—used in single- and multi-dip adhesive formulations, primarily for PET and aramid fibers, to enable optimum bonding with the rubber matrix in tire and rubber applications; also used for spin finishes for adhesion-activated fibers
    • Binders and Performance Treatments for Textiles/Nonwovens—treatments for bonding fibers or to impart strength, chemical resistance or thermal resistance to fiber substrates; system options to meet many regulatory requirements including low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds, compositional compliance for food and water applications, and no added formaldehyde. Waterborne epoxy resins for this application are formulated and heat-cured with water-compatible curing agents, including waterborne curing agents, aliphatic amines, cycloaliphatic amines, dicyandiamide, and epoxy catalysts such as tertiary amines and imidazole compounds.

    For a selection of our epoxy products and systems for fiber and textile applications, click here.