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  •  Formaldehyde Custom Blend and Solutions

    Our formaldehyde derivatives, like Hexamine, Methaform and Urea concentrates, along with our industry-leading supply of a wide variety of specialty products derived from formaldehyde, like thermoset resins, help to ensure our customers get exactly what they need, no matter what the application.


    Hexion’s formaldehyde solutions have been the choice of global manufacturers for decades. Our solutions include formulations for:

    • Chemical synthesis
    • Phenolic resins
    • Urea resins
    • Melamine resins

    Thousands of the items you interact with every day contain formaldehyde in some form, including your own body and the air you breathe. Hexion is the world’s leading source of this versatile building-block material.



    Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate

    Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate is a clear, viscous liquid containing formaldehyde, urea, and water. Its principal uses are in the manufacture of thermoset resins and various organic and agricultural chemicals. The product is usually shipped in bulk tank trucks or rail cars and is available from Hexion plants strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    Urea formaldehyde concentrate can be used in the following product areas (as well as in chemical synthesis and as a chemical intermediate):

    • Agricultural applications
      • Urea coating
      • Slow-release fertilizer 
    • Used to make resins for binding


    Urea formaldehyde concentrate offers many benefits to manufacturers, including:

    • Economical way to ship – high concentrations of formaldehyde and urea
    • Excellent product stability
      • Long storage life
      • Maintains clarity
    • Reduces process water effluent
    Formaldehyde Solutions

    Hexion offers unique formulations of formaldehyde in various solution options to meet the various needs of our customers. Our formaldehyde solutions are available in custom blends that are critical ingredients in thousands of items that shape our everyday lives.



    Hexamine is made from ammonia and formaldehyde and is a white powder material. It can be purchased in solid or liquid form.



    Hexamine is used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including:

    • Used to make industrial phenolic resins
    • Chemical intermediates/chemical synthesis
    • Rubber cross-linker
    • Explosives industry


    Hexamine provides the following benefits to manufacturers:

    • Can be used with no additional water
    • Proton donor
    • Economical solution


    Methaform is a specialized formaldehyde solution with high methanol and low water. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Its principal uses are in the manufacture of thermoset resins, and various organic chemicals. The product is usually shipped in bulk tank trucks or railcars.